Ike E. Okoye brings over 25 years of experience in the building industry with vast knowledge in home construction and management. He holds a B.Arch degree in Architecture and Planning from Howard University and has worked in both residential and commercial sectors with many of the finest Professional Home Builders and Architects in the State of Maryland. Ike has completed numerous home designs and has also provided services to the Baltimore area Habitat for Humanity in providing house plan production and architectural renderings.

In his earlier years of practice, Ike remembers all designs were generated from a hand sketch to a full blown drawing were done by pen in hand and on a drafting board. Although, we are now a fully computer design drafting trend, Ike continues to create home designs from his imagination with just a felt tip pen and a roll of tracing vellum.

Ike is also an experienced general contractor having worked as a project manager in the construction industry. With this experience he has a good handle on what a home builder go through in dealing with the job of building a home and how to avoid many complications with scheduling, material delivering deadlines etc.